Sublimation printing

We specialise in sublimation printing – a method involving the transfer of computer printouts to fabrics. Sublimation is a technique based on the application of professional inks onto material using suitable transfer paper and a thermal press at high temperatures and pressure. Sublimation printing can be done only on fabrics made of polyester, nylon, spandex, elastane and similar materials such as silk, microfibre, spandex, or polycotton, as well as exhibiting heat resistance up to 180°C. With this method it is possible to print even high-quality, full-colour photographs, graphics and subtitles on pre-cut material. Furthermore, the printed matter can be unlimited in terms of size and number of elements.

Sublimation is the most advanced technique of printing on fabric and knitwear. Using the technique of digital sublimation creates printing characterised by high quality and resistance to various types of damage: abrasion, scratching and damage due to ironing. The printing is also resistant to detergents, so it doesn’t fade. Our company is also involved in graphic design so we can produce designs to order. On the other hand, in accordance with individual wishes, we can print photographs or graphics supplied to us by the client.

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