Sewing to oder

One of our biggest departpents apart of printing is a professional sewing factory which offers contract sewing. Projects are matched to the customer’s build, so as to showcase the customer’s assets and minimise shortcomings. We’re not afraid to manufacture garments rich in colours and patterns.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. Garments sewn at our plant are unique and exceptional. We can also sew clothes designed by the customer. Our team consists of experienced tailors and seamstresses who can sew clothes even for the most demanding customers. In addition, our specialists can help to choose the correct fabrics, cuts and colours.

We specialise in sewing the boldest designs in line with current trends, but do not limit ourselves to the world of templates. We treat each customer individually.

Designing promotional clothing

In designing promotional clothing, we start with a very thorough analysis of our customers’ needs and selection of appropriate specifications and fabrics. We produce a preliminary design which also determines the particular method of marking promotional clothing.

Following approval of our design, the product that we will supply to the customer develops in our sewing studio. We focus on creativity in terms of modern combinations of forms, colours and fabric textures. Thanks to our high level of artistic imagination and our highly qualified team, we guarantee a unique product produced with the highest quality, forming an element of the image of your brand.

We design promotional clothing, for example, for hostesses, as well as corporate clothing. We take an individual approach to each customer in order to meet their needs. The range of our services includes designing the cut and style of clothing along with graphics, sewing and professional printing on fabrics.

Nothing is impossible!

We offer comprehensive and friendly service, the best quality materials and services at the highest level.

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