Advertising photography

Another part of our company is photography, in which we have became specialists. We carry out the projects entrusted to us with great commitment. Our photographs are made using modern high-end equipment and professional lighting equipment. We use our imagination to carry out the most far-ranging ideas. We boldly carry out the commissions entrusted to us, without fear of innovative solutions.

The aim of our advertising photography is to touch the imagination of the consumer our customer serves. We take an individual approach to each product, preparing an effective advertising campaign through the use of photography. We build trust and interest, as well as assuring the highest quality for the photos we supply. Our experienced team understands the needs of consumers completely and knows how to make an advertisement effective.

To highlight what is most important in a given product, we provide the right atmosphere and set design for each photo shoot. We take both studio and outdoor pictures. We also take responsibility for selecting models and their make-up. Our original design (a photograph) then becomes a suitable advertising medium, e.g., a print on fabric.

Graphic design

In our graphics studio, designs are prepared by graphic designers with years of experience. Creativity and creating confidence constitute the foundation of of our operation. Our knowledge and understanding of the market guarantees the highest quality of graphic design, as well as the fact that the design will attract attention and make an excellent first impression, which is crucial in advertising. We prefer to work on a partnership basis so that we can find the best solutions together.

Our graphic design studio is furnished with professional computer equipment and graphics programs that can handle the toughest challenges. We specialise in artistic creation in which we avoid one-size-fits-all solutions, focussing above all on originality. We’re not fazed by unusual projects.
We print our graphic designs ourselves and supply customers with finished products.

Professional graphic design studio

We have a professional graphic studio, offering various graphic designs which alternate between graphics and photography and which are used later in the printing process. We are the answer to the needs of the advertising industry, as well as individual customers. We create graphics for both advertising and everyday use. The studio’s forte is the passion and experience of the people who have created it. Using professional equipment we prepare interesting designs for printing by sublimation.

We provide comprehensive service, starting from graphic design, through professional printing, to delivery of finished orders to the customer.

Our studio improves graphic designs until the customer is completely satisfied. We also adapt designs supplied to us by customers, e.g. though modification, enlargement, reduction, etc. Creativity and knowledge of the industry are the keys to the success of our graphic design studio, as well as to the success of the client.

Nothing is impossible!

We offer comprehensive and friendly service, the best quality materials and services at the highest level.

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